Things I’ll Miss about Brooklyn

Things I’ll miss about Brooklyn: Jesus living on Wyckoff St.

We put an offer on a house in New Paltz! Squeal! Who knows what will happen, but when I passed by Jesus today he said the outlook was good. He lives on Wyckoff Street in Cobble Hill in case you didn’t know. Or maybe some think that’s Carroll Gardens. I have no idea where one area begins and the other ends. Well, I do have an idea but so does everyone who lives around here and the ideas are all different.

The son of God though is on Wyckoff, just down the street from my old apartment, between Court and Smith. His apartment, based on what people pay around these parts in Brooklyn, probably would cost $200 a month. But you know, he’s JESUS, so he’s been here a bit so maybe His rent is a lot cheaper.

He’s awesome.