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Things I do when pumping

Things I do when pumping

Since I’ve gone back to work, I’ve been a pumping machine!

I pump at work. I pump when I get home from work if my timing is off. And I pump on weekends to keep up with my freezer stash.

OK, that’s kind of a lie. I often conveniently forget to pump on weekends.

For all the other times I pump, this is what I do to pass the time. And yes, my pump is the hands-free Medela pump — the Mercedes of nipple suckers.

-Look online for clothes I want to buy…for myself and babies.
-Catch up on my shows on dvr.
-Send photos I took with my phone to flickr.
-Wonder if the sound of the pump can be heard from the hall when I pump at work.
-Refresh my makeup.
-Think of blog posts…like this one.
-Wonder if I will show self restraint with the brownie mix waiting to be made in my cabinet.
-Have concern over my nipples being stretched.
-Feel like a cow. The machine even sounds like it’s mooing.
-Recall the days when my teets were for sexual excitement.
-Realize I’m slouching and try to work on my poor posture.
-Think wow only 5 minutes have passed since I hooked myself up to this thing!
-Wish I had those brownies.