The twins’ nursery

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My most favorite place in the house is the nursery. The babies don’t even sleep in it yet since they are in the co-sleeper in our bedroom, but we do spend time in there for some daytime naps, reading, rocking in the glider, and of course, diaper changes.

We live in a loft-like apartment — there aren’t walls to separate rooms, so we bought wardrobe closets from IKEA to act like walls and I stapled fabric to the back of one so it looked pretty. Crafty!

We have these crazy big windows and I made curtains out of fabric, too — much more cost effective. Sadly the windows don’t look out to the prettiest of landscapes, but it’s great for people watching…or watching people walk to the subway or waiting for the bus…and the eyesore that is the elevated subway platform in Brooklyn.

When we first moved in and people needed to find my apartment, I’d just say get off the subway, look across the street for big windows with colorful curtains, and that’s my house.

The sun rises outside those windows and the light that comes in is kind of the most beautiful light shining in ever.

The set of four graphic prints were made by my friend Diane Ferrera. And the keys were made by another friend, Michelle Eddison, aka, Mommy Making Prints. The animals dressed up are by Ryan Berkley — he’s not a friend, but only because I don’t know him…I just liked his work.

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