What happens when you are surrounded by other bloggers?

me 18 weeks

My co-worker/blogher/friend Sheri wrote a roundup of some of her highlights at the Blogher conference in Chicago over at her blog Today is Pretty. Bloggity, blog, bloggie. Great idea, Sheri. So here’s mine.

The thunderstorm Chicago had one night. Hearing it from the 20th floor of a hotel was crazy scary cool.

Having ladies want to talk to me for my tattoos or baby bump.

The Mexican feast for lunch on Blogher day 2.

Giving away oven mitts that said “Moms are hotter than you think” and seeing Sheri shake oven mitted hands with other bloggers.

Eating a turkey burger with French fries and lemonade at Feast. Yum!

The bed at the Sheraton. It was king-sized divine.

Listening to Sheri read her post “Amends” in the grand ballroom. She made me cry — it was phenom. As were others. What talent!

Hearing Tina Brown of The Daily Beast say she would never go back to print.

Ilene Chaiken, creator of The L Word, in all white.

Watching Paula Deen prepare for her demonstration. She wanted to chat with the audience first. She’s a firecracker, y’all.

Fellow blogher Kim worried about me at the Food Blogger session. The session I wanted to go to was too full so I joined her. It made me hungry.

The huge, bigger than my hand, chocolate chip cookies.

The Pioneer Woman, Ree, and Twanna of Funky Brown Chick in the Identity/Passions: Enough About You…Who’s Reading You? session.

Deb from Deb on the Rocks in the Business of You session.

I’m excited Blogher in NYC next year — no travel for me! Yay!

I want lemonade


Craving of the day: Lemonade.

Screw that — lemonade is my craving every day.

All I want is lemonade. And then another glass of lemonade.

I buy lemonade from the store and then I cut it with water so I can still taste the lemonade, but it lasts four times longer.

It’s as if I am afraid there will be a lemonade shortage.

My friend Sheri said she too craved lemonade when she was pregnant, only she would just eat a lemon.

Mmm…that sounds good, but only if the lemon was ice cold, fresh out of the fridge.

I’m going to Blogher


I’m driving from NYC to Chicago…over two days…while 17 weeks pregnant with my hubs in tow to go to the Blogher conference.

I’m super excited. And no, I’m not crazy…I just have an irrational fear of flying. The first step is admittance, right?

Anyway, if you are attending, perhaps I will see you there? Look for me! I’ll be the pregnant tattooed lady wearing nerd shoes.