Mamarotica: He shaved and hair wasn't everywhere!

Mamarotica: He shaved and hair wasn’t everywhere!

One of my favorite subjects is sex. Soft sex, hard sex, light sex, dark sex, explicit sex, and fluffy bunnies and fairytale sex. I’ve written about it extensively for 12 years professionally…before that unprofessionally. Whatever that means.

Since I got pregnant last year there wasn’t a whole lot of sex — having it or writing it. So I am a bit rusty, or shall we say dry?

Ew no, we shouldn’t say dry.

So lately, things turn me on that are a little out of the norm.

My husband shaved and when he was done there was hardly a trace of his whiskers on this sink.

Totally hot.

In the past the only kind of hair removal that make me excited was when I would have my bikini waxed.

It wasn’t the act of waxing that was sexy, of course, it was the result.

Now I’m turned on by my husband’s cleanliness during his intimate encounter with his razor.