Holy Dracula Halloween Fun Times!
halloween TWINS

Holy Dracula Halloween Fun Times!

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Halloween weekend came and went with some incredible swings of emotions. Perhaps only I can cry at a church basement Halloween party with indoor bouncy houses, a DJ wearing above the belly button track pants, and Jesus in a glass coffin behind a slightly open curtain, but seeing my son start dancing to the Monster Mash brought out the waterworks. I blinked ten times fast and it was gone though. No one knew … except maybe Jesus. Who clearly showed his appreciation for my sap with an explosion of candy. Oh wait. That was dracula … THE dracula who was really the funeral director who handed out candy from a coffin hand-carved in Italy at his funeral home.

Take a look at all the dancing!

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Above is my parents (aka Me-ma and Pop-pop) outside the funeral home.

Yes, a funeral home was open for trick-or-treaters on Monday, but I mistakenly thought it was on Saturday. So in the middle of the WTF-WHY? snowstorm that hit us, and after the church party, I, along with my husband, the double stroller of twins, and my sister- and brother-in-law in town from Wisconsin (where there was NO snow), walked to see what kind of fun these people really put in funeral. The doors were locked. THANK YOU JESUS! Because I led us there on was the wrong day! I don’t want to imagine the look of horror on everyone’s face if they were open and I pushed in with all the snow and 2-year-old twins shouting Happy Ha-whoa-weeeeeeee! Luckily the real Halloween was full of sunshine.

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In the three days of celebrating, we had some costume changes. Hunti was mini Drew Brees, the Saints quarterback, OR he was a pirate. Arrrgh! Pippi was a Saints cheerleader OR a Toddler & Tiara contestant (without spray tan). I was a cat;
I said ‘meow’ a lot; my husband, in-laws, and even my parents who LOVE dressing up were all lame and didn’t have a costume of any sort. Okay, except for those bat ears I told hubs to wear.

Still, it was anything but boring. I even got kudos from a local mom when I was handing out “candy” on my front step. Her kid got the organic and real fruit gummies instead of the temporary skull and crossbone tattoos. (The tattoos were way cooler, though.)

My favorite holiday got even more favoriter. Hope you had a great Ha-whoa-weeeeeeee!