Help! I need parent friends!

Picture 25

This is my call out. I want some parent friends! Because I am missing my mommy friends back in Brooklyn very much. My Becca and Finn. My Sara and twins Maggie and Dorothy. The dads and moms I would see at the parks every day. I miss you all. You see, I love New Paltz. There is nature and deer trotting across our lawn and we have a frog pond and the kids love love love it all, but the parks aren’t the same around here.

Today I went to the park at the elementary school and no one was there. NO ONE. The other day I went to the park in town and there was one other mom there with her son who was older. Where are all the moms and dads and kids who are around my kids’ age? Is there a secret place I don’t know about yet? Do people just stick around their homes because they have lawns and yards and playsets and just have people over?

Tonight we are going to Festa, a local church’s fair, with friends who thankfully have a daughter who just turned 3. My kids will get some interaction with another kid close to their age. I’ll be scouting other parents there too, hopefully to make some parent connections. Making friends is hard. And I really miss the ones I have back in BK.

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