31 somewhat narcissistic things I am thankful for

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You know how so many people were doing that Facebook thing where everyday they said another thing they were thankful for? Yeah, I didn’t do that. But it did get me thinking about what I’m thankful for this Thanksgiving. Of course, I am thankful every single day I am alive because after what I went through to give birth to my twins, it really did show me the fragility of life.

Whoa. Got really serious up in here. Taking it down a notch, I realized that I am thankful for many things that really don’t mean much, but you know what? Screw it. They mean something to me. And yeah, I’m thankful for all that really deep stuff too. So here goes (just a little sap peppered in) …

The 31 somewhat narcissistic things I am thankful for …

  1. I don’t have stretch marks. Not a one. Terribly thankful there.
  2. I’m thankful I fit into my pre-pregnancy clothes.
  3. I’m thankful people tell me I look 25 when I tell them how old I really am.
  4. I’m thankful for those very people who lie to me so I feel all young and supple.
  5. My breasts got better looking after breastfeeding my twins. Thank you, my boobies.
  6. I’m thankful I have really freakin’ awesome kids.
  7. I’m thankful when they sleep through the night.
  8. I’m thankful I grew my hair out all one length because I don’t have to ever blowdry it (braid and go when it’s wet).
  9. I appreciate my grey hair.
  10. I’m thankful my husband still wants to be my husband.
  11. And he is really dang cool except when he’s being a poopy diaper.
  12. I’m thankful I can call him a poopy diaper and he won’t get that mad.
  13. I’m of course thankful that if he does get mad we make up pretty quickly in the best way two people can make up.
  14. I’m thankful that he doesn’t freak out when I take a hiatus from the razor.
  15. I’m thankful you are reading this.
  16. I’m thankful I don’t mind the way I look without makeup.
  17. I’m also thankful that when I put on makeup I think Hey now! You look pretty good!
  18. I’m thankful my parents are amazing grandparents.
  19. I’m thankful I’m less angsty as I age.
  20. My backne cleared up after pregnancy, thank you very much.
  21. I’m thankful my one false tooth that got knocked out playing punchball when I was 12 never fell out in public. Yet.
  22. I’m thankful my friends may get annoyed with me but they love me and are still my friends.
  23. I’m thankful I don’t get hung up on stupid stuff that much anymore.
  24. I’m thankful my kids eat fish even though my husband and I find it repulsive.
  25. I’m thankful I don’t mind hand-me-downs, shopping at yard sales, or really inexpensive stores.
  26. I’m thankful that I am hopeful.
  27. I’m thankful I don’t live in Zuccotti Park or near it — getting around with twins would be hard.
  28. I’m thankful I can eat a lot of chocolate and cake and not gain weight.
  29. I realize that may change with age but for now I have to be really thankful for it so it deserves two spaces on this list.
  30. I’m thankful I don’t mind the way I look with glasses because not being able to see kind of sucks and the thought of putting little round things in my eyes everyday freaks me the hell out.
  31. I’m thankful for the time I had to write this while my kids were peacefully napping.

Happy Thanksgiving!

The lovely Leila Shams took this photo. I’m thankful for that, too, of course.

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